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Your Personal Brand Statement

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

A Quick FAQ:

What is a personal brand statement?

A personal brand statement is similar to a mission statement or elevator pitch, but refines the content to describe your personal brand. Think about what you do, but also your attitude around it. The EMOTIONAL is part of your personal brand. It's a great way to refine your brand if you're unclear; taking the time to sit down and brainstorm who and what you stand for and how you communicate that can really take your brand's success to the next level.

How do I create a personal brand statement?

1. Think of your attitude towards life, towards your clients, customers, and job (or the job you want). We'll want to maintain that tone for your statement.

2. Write down 5-7 adjectives that describe who you are and why you do what you do. Edgy, warm, fashionable, trendy, homey, and friendly are all really great examples. A coffee shop, for example, could be some of these, but not all; they describe and will attract different customer segments.

3. Write down 2 sentences that describe what you do, and what pain points you solve. Don't worry about the adjectives yet.

4. Write down the types of people you want to attract. Who is your ideal customer? What's their take on life?

5. Is there anything that makes you unique? Your adjectives above contribute to this, but if you have a unique service, process, or something else that sets you apart, list it here.

This is an awesome start! You now have personal brand statement gold. By doing the exercises above, you now have a short list of:

* your brand attitude

* your brand identity

* your brand's pain points

* your ideal customer base

* your unique value

Let's now combine the above into some great descriptive sentences.

"George Smith is a rising star in the graphic design industry, whose edgy and trendy style and genuine, warm personality attract small business owners looking for unprecedented, modern design. He combines both hand drawn and computer animated design to create the most entrancing logos, marketing materials, web designs, and business cards in the market."

Doesn't this just slay it? If you read this description on LinkedIn next to another graphic designer with this in their profile,

"Graphic design for small businesses"

what would you think?

Not only would I think that George is better qualified, but that he also has a better reputation, is more specialized (has more value), and has a better idea of how he can help you. You would probably also be willing to pay him more for your services. That's how you nail a personal brand statement and add value to yourself.

You don't need a big company; everyone should think about their personal brand statement. YOU deserve it. These days, you should have a personal brand statement ready; employers do look up your online presence when you apply for a job.

Special Considerations:

1. It's really important to think about your ideal audience, industry, and demographic. Does it matter where they live? City, state, country? Or do you serve remotely?

2. Choose words with meaning. You can fluff up your personal brand statement all you want, but your value will decrease. This is a short and sweet paragraph, but full of powerful marketing words that let your customers know exactly who and what you are.

3. Be who you are. If you're building your portfolio, don't call yourself an industry leader. You'll get there, and your personal brand statement will be one of your vehicles!

4. Don't use jargon. Back to choosing words with meaning. Your listener should be able to tell someone what you do with complete comprehension (and excitement)!

5. Be prepared to adjust. As you get out there and gain more experience, you'll need to adjust your personal brand statement as you go. Treat this as a living and breathing part of you. Don't worry-- it'll be easier once you have a personal brand statement established!

Be confident, go out there, and crush it! Believe in yourself and your brand. You're the best of it. If you need some help with your growth into personal branding, I'm here to help!

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