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What Should You Ask Your Personal Brand Photographer?

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Questions for Personal Brand Photographer

If you're serious about paying for personal brand photography services, here is a list of important questions to ask. If a photographer can't answer these questions, please reconsider! You deserve a photographer with a marketing background who can make your brand SING for YOUR ideal audience.

1. Do I have unlimited commercial rights to these images? A real personal brand photographer is a ghost in the wings. We serve YOU, so never ask you to sign a contract promising proper attribution, retaining commercial rights, or prohibiting image editing. Your images are YOURS to use however you need them.

2. What experience and background do you have in marketing? Your personal brand photographer should have a solid foundation in marketing strategy, technique, and deployment. They should be able to identify the key attributes of your personal brand, and be able to tell you HOW they will tell your brand's story, strategically, to reach the emotional heart of your ideal audience. If you are unclear about any of these items, a personal brand photographer should be able to help you flesh this out.

3. How are you going to tell my story? A good personal brand photographer can identify the best stories to tell with your images. Images will not be random, and will not involve you sitting at a coffee shop with your laptop.

4. Will you format my images? A personal brand photographer will ask you how you intend to use your images, and will provide properly edited and formatted images for EACH function. Print materials? Instagram? Facebook profile? Blog posts? You should receive them all.

5. Will you help me decide on outfits and props? You know what I'm going to say...a good photographer will be able to help you with these decisions, as they are a vital part of your personal branding, strategy, and story.

Have a great photographer but need the marketing help? Let's discuss. I can help consult on the front end and set your awesome photographer up for real success. For YOU. I am here to help, no matter where you live!

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