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Personal Brand Photography Trend: Transparency and Authenticity

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Transparency in personal brand photography

As personal brand photography is embraced by more and more brands and photographers, some trends are coming into focus. One of the biggest trends of the moment is the popularity and movement towards authenticity and transparency.

Although related terms, I don't believe these are the same. Authenticity refers to showing the real you behind your brand or persona, while transparency is more applicable to processes: showing the real goings-on behind your services and products.

For example, I could post an image of myself with messy hair and sweatpants; this would be authentic. It shows that I'm just like you. I'm a relatable REAL person behind this brand. It shows some of the brand's personality and/or vulnerabilities.

I could also post an image of my workspace and myself in it. From this image, you'd gather more information about the work that I do and how it's actually done. Transparency is also a growing trend in the food supply industry as everyone wants to know exactly how those Guatemalan coffee beans end up in your shopping cart. Same thought process.

Both should be honest. Authenticity and transparency may often be seen as self-deprecating, but do a LOT to endear a brand to its ideal customers. Loyalty and trust only come when a customer believes in and understands who you are and why you do what you do. You may 'fake it till you make it,' but the new generation of buyers want to know that you're not a phony.

A study on transparency from Sprout Social found the following impressive stat:

*73% of American consumers are willing to pay premium prices for products and services that guarantee transparency.

As you're working on your personal brand and your clients' personal brand photography, keep these thoughts in mind. Use those Consultation Key stories to serve up some real transparency and reap the love and loyalty in response.

P.S. When you post to social media, remember that Facebook and IGTV Live options are great opportunities to give brief snapshots into transparency and authenticity!

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