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The Importance of Family Portraits

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Family Portrait
Family portraits don't have to be boring or traditional, unless that's your jam.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take a series of family portraits for a family get together. Grandma's kids were coming into town, and she wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to get everyone together. I told her that she's a smart lady- in this time and place where family can be spread coast to coast and beyond, it's easy to forget about time passing us by.

Do you have family visiting? Family gatherings are a great time to call your photographer and get some portraits done. My family consists of 5 uncle/aunt pairs, my parents, and so many cousins and cousin's kids that I can't even keep count anymore. We are rarely all together. Wouldn't it be nice if we all took advantage of the opportunity and created some beautiful family keepsakes for the future? We never know what the future will hold, or how long the oldest generation will be with us.

Because Grandma had the foresight to call me, I was able to take some beautiful traditional shots of the whole group as well as some candids in between the portrait poses that really capture their love and enjoyment of each other. These can often capture a real moment in time, and even the most traditional folks appreciate these images down the road.

While I was there, I enjoyed spending some time with the cousins. I ran around the house with them and captured them playing with walkie talkies and climbing trees. Their joy in just being kids was really touching, and there was no screen present.

This family allowed me into their home to capture some real family moments, and I'm honored they chose me. I was able to provide them with several touching images that captured their real feelings and love. They reminded me of my own family growing up, and our playfulness, admiration, and appreciation for each other. I am grateful that I get to do what I love!

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