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Step 6: When You're Ready for the Shot List

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Step 6 has me so excited, because this is where so much of your painstaking detailed prep finally pays off. We last aligned with our client to make sure that everyone had the same expectations and vision. Now that we've done our due diligence in communicating with your client, it's time to work together to set up your shot list.

It's super important to follow some marketing strategy here because you can't be strategic if you're "winging" it the day of your shoot. By sitting down with your client and making a detailed shoot plan, you're ensuring that both of you will benefit by using high performing marketing strategy in your photographic plan.

The first step in this is coming up with 3 stories that your client wants to tell about themselves. What do they want everyone to know? Write out a brief 2-3 sentence summary of this story. Think about the 'whys,' 'hows,' and 'whats' of your story.

Make sure it can hit emotional tones for your audience persona. (If you need help finding direction on this, check out my Consultation Key.)

Be sure to ask the client if they want any flat lays, product shots, or other specific shots so they can be accounted for in your shot list. Prove your value by not forgetting any special requests.

Then, for each story, you should ideally come up with 3 shots for each stage of the Golden Circle. Make sure they help to tell the narratives your client has chosen.

Be sure to name your list in a way that can be cross referenced later in galleries, social media posts, and file names.

What are your biggest challenges with shot lists? Do they make your clients impatient or excited? Tell me everything!

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