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Step 4: When You Don't Know Who is Listening

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Personal Branding Identify Audience

One of the biggest key rules in general marketing is to speak to your customer's emotions. We tend to purchase the most when we're emotionally motivated to press that purchase button. I'm sure you can think of at least one instance in recent memory where you yourself were emotionally swayed to make a purchase.

This is a big part of why my 9 Step Consultation Key follows the Golden Circle methodology, which basically directs messaging in this order: Why (emotion), Who, and then What.

However, to get to this point, we need to identify exactly who is listening and who we WANT to be listening. When you have a personal brand photography consultation, does the client know a lot about their ideal customer? Do they know who they want to be listening?

Step 4 is all about that. If the client doesn't already have this in place, you can guide them through creating an audience persona. This is basically a pretend detailed bio of an ideal customer. You even give them a name. Identify who they are, what they stand for, their demographics, and some of their favorite media will help massively with creating both text and images that speak emotionally.

Do you cater to moms? You better put a kid in there. You better strike a "we know how hard this is" empathy chord. Don't expect a mom to purchase something if you're just showing them photos of a product.

Right? We can go deeper than this. Is this an athletically motivated mom? An intellectual? Environmentalist? Social warrior (not that they're not inclusive!)?

How will the customer's life improve after engaging with you?

When you create your shot list, make sure to cater to these emotional ties. What will they want to see? Make sure you account for this content in your Story and Shot List Worksheet!

Another marketing strategy, another day.

Another way in which you can provide additional value to your personal brand photography clients and also ensure the efficacy of your work.

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