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Step 3: When Your Client Needs a New Perspective

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Personal Branding Inspiration

Now, you wouldn't have a personal brand photography client sitting across from you if they didn't understand that something needs to change.

However, once you've really dug into the client's brand, it's great to take a step back and look at things from a big picture. Your client may be in a rut, and if you can inspire them before you plan your photo shoot with them, everyone will benefit.

Stories will be more creative, photos will be more interesting, and the motivation behind it all will be renewed.

This is the step that really excites your client.

The 3rd Step to Personal Brand Photography Planning is Inspiring Your Client.

Dig into their competition and to their "I wish I was like that company" companies, and find the thread that sets them apart. They may have forgotten or lost sight of this over time and all the other details they deal with.

Every company has something special to offer. Product? Service? Location? Mood? Theme? Pricing? Menu? Source?

This may be a short conversation or a long one, but it'll make sure step 4 really reaches for the best it can be.

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