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Step 2: When You Feel Unclear in Personal Brand Photography

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Setting Expectations in Personal Brand Photography

At this point, I've discussed the myriad of benefits of sitting down with your personal brand photography client and hashing out their brand basics using marketing strategy. This is a value add to your client, but also the way in which you outclass your competition. It also ensures the quality of your images both for yourself and the client.

If you're using my consultation planner or some other form of marketing strategy, I assume you've done a great job of gaining your client's trust. They believe that they need this and believe in the power of imagery in branding.

But what if, in the back of your head, you're thinking, "I think I got it all..., right?" "Maybe I should've recorded this meeting? [Never a bad idea, by the way.] "I'm not sure I completely get [fill in the blank] about what they do." "I'm not sure they/I understand how they're going to use these images."

Step 2 is where it's at.

You must do a check and confirm or get clarification on anything you're not clear about. Don't let uncertainty cause you anxiety or affect the quality of your image plan. Sometimes people just aren't very good explainers.

The second step in setting expectations is making sure you discuss social media usage with your client. Do they have social media channels they prefer to use? Will they need images formatted specifically for these channels? What are their social media goals? This is also a good opportunity to discuss the different social channels and their strengths if the client is just starting out.

How else will they be using the marketing images? Website, mailers, presentations, advertising? Make sure that you plan your shoot with this information in mind. You would want to leave negative space for text in photos if they're making brochures or social media. You'd want some headshots if they're using these images for presentations or LinkedIn profiles.

The end of step 2 will find you feeling fully confident in both the brand at hand and the messaging. Your client will also feel fully confident and have full trust in your abilities.

The next steps will further that, and get them excited about their photoshoot.

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