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Step 1: When You Feel Lost in Personal Brand Photography

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

You're sitting across from this small business owner. This owner who pours their heart, soul, and pocketbook into their work, and they're staring at you over the hot cups of tea or coffee you've purchased for them.

This is your branding consultation, and it's the first step (aside from contracts) to the amazing, branded personal branding images that you're paid to create for them.

It's a meeting regularly filled with anxiety for a lot of photographers. Did your hands just get sweaty? Did the client just answer, "I have no idea" for the 3rd time in half an hour? What's up with this? Do they not know their own company, or what? You're frantically thinking (but trying to look calm), "WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO TAKE PHOTOS OF IF YOU DON'T KNOW!?"

Ok, now relax. I will say over and over that your ability to use proven marketing strategy to plan your personal branding shoot with your client will result in so many good things: trust, recurring contracts, pride, better reputations, better photos, less anxiety (for both of you!), and your career. This is your value add, and this is what outclasses you from the competitors.

My first step in my 9 Steps to Personal Branding Photo Planning will solve all your anxiety.

Your clients may very well know their brand but may not be able to articulate it, or they may never have thought about these facets of their brand before at all. Either way, the value add you give them by reviewing and fleshing out their brand plan is immeasurably valuable because they will keep this information in their back pocket for years, and it'll be represented in many aspects of their company. And it will help you as a photographer really narrow down their brand identity so you can plan out the most effective and strategic photoshoot and get hired again.

And again.

'Just put us on automatic payment plan'-type recurring income.

So when you sit down with a client, get them to talk. Talk about what they're passionate about, what they would love to see in their future, and what they'd love to see in their branding photos.

They won't see ANY coffee shop photos (unless they're a barista!), their customers will get super pumped about their company, and your clients will get super pumped about you.

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