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6 Steps to True Branded Social Media Content

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

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As a personal brand photographer, the bulk of my clients use my images for their social media first and foremost. During our consultation, one of my goals is to define the brand, plan the stories they're going to tell, and create a photo shoot plan that corresponds to that content. It's a lot of planning up front, but the results are glorious- well thought out, seamless storytelling that speaks directly to a defined group of individuals. It takes the edge off my clients so they already know what kind of content they'll be posting for every day of the week.

If you'd like to do some of this yourself, I've created a comprehensive walk through of this whole process, including a social calendar planner and a photo shoot organizer for your social media imagery.

If you'd like some Cliff Notes, here are some solid steps to creating some branded content that will speak to the right customers, improve your reputation, and create more consistency in your voice:

1. Nail down your brand's tone and style. Never thought a brand can have a tone? Think again. Walk into a Hot Topic and then into a Banana Republic! These brands are marketing to completely different folks, so think about who your brand wants to be and attract. Edgy? Elitist? Avant garde? Homey? Fun? Trendy?

2. Think of 3 stories you can tell about your brand. Make one of them something personal about the owner, one about the process, and one about the mission or passion. Make them emotional and not about your product or service. Don't forget- words have power.

3. Lay out your stories onto a calendar so you can present a little at a time with each day. Always tell your stories in order, but don't be afraid to pepper in other types of posts- you are a business! There are lots of types of social media posts out there you can use to show a rounded yet well-promoted brand identity.

4. Decide what imagery you want for each story and take those brand photos! Don't forget, any brand photos you have in your pocket can also be used as evergreen content for websites, marketing collateral, and other items, so go crazy and have fun. This doesn't have to be something you dread and doesn't have to happen all the time; I usually shoot a whole quarter's worth of images at one time.

5. Set it and forget it. Find a social media scheduler that works for you and get it all up and saved. You won't have to think about this again for 3 months and your content will be working for you while you sleep.

6. Don't forget to always engage with those who engage with you.

Now that you have an idea of the work that goes into creating real branded social media content, what are you waiting for!? Don't be afraid of it, learn from it, and get more customers than ever before!

I'm always here if you have questions. And if you want that complete walk through, I'm happy to help you through the whole process.

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