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3 of the Top Mistakes Photographers Make With Personal Branding

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Mistakes in Personal Brand Photography

Happy New Year!

As we find ourselves deeper into January, let's discuss the 3 top mistakes made by personal brand photographers so we can forge a new path, make better photos, and keep better clients.

1. Not taking the time to plan beforehand. Have you ever thought about 'winging it?' Maybe it's because it'll be easier on everyone. Maybe because it'll save you money in the short-term. Maybe because the alternate option is intimidating. Maybe it's deadline-driven.

Let's stop.

Don't 'wing it' on your clients. They deserve better and you do, too. Come up with a cohesive plan that both you and your client agree to so you can actually serve your client with real strategy. Find the photos that speak to their audience.

Don't show up to their office with your camera and plan on shooting them at their desk (only). Please.

2. Settling too easily on locations.

Ok, so your client has an office, and it even gets a lot of light. Super!

Does it mean that it's the best place for your personal brand session?

No. At least you shouldn't be assuming that.

Don't let yourself or your client get lazy on choosing locations. If their photo stories aren't dependent on showing something on location, then think about what will really speak to their ideal customers and make the client most comfortable.

Think of the following: do they want other people around them? Do they prefer to be outside? Do they have a favorite part of your city?

Remember also that you can rent amazing locations in your town that could make the difference between your client liking your photos ok and holy cow I must book again!

3. The mindset that it's not your job to [insert anything related to marketing here].

No, your job isn't to offer marketing advice or services to your client. However, your photos will be used for marketing, and you can't escape that.

If you are a wedding photographer, you'd need to know the basic structure of your client's wedding, right?

If you're a personal brand photographer, you'll need to know some basic marketing strategy to effectively plan and shoot your photos.

Your client is placing their trust in you to create marketing images. It is your job to know the basics about who will be seeing your photos and how.

What are your main challenges as a personal brand photographer? Shoot me a message and let me know!

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