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How to Market Your Brand For FREE!

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

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I know that social media and Google ads are pushed. A lot.

I know that as a small businessperson or entrepreneur, you might be deciding how to best invest the money you do have in your account. You may be thinking that ads are the only way to get your brand noticed.

I get this, because that idea is marketing in and of itself from Facebook and Google.

Repeat after me: I do not have to feel obligated to venture into adworld if I'm not ready or comfortable.

Because there are a whole host of free marketing tools at your disposal, that I would strongly suggest trying before you use any of your precious profit. Then you can start ads from a better financial place, but also test the waters of your audience base for free before you test them with paid ads.

Have you tried any of the following?

-Going live on social media

-Joining your local Chamber of Commerce

-Getting on the regional news

These are just a taste. There are resources to reach your customers are out there for free. Some may take a little work, time, or trust, but they can be invaluable when you are just starting out in your business!

I have more ideas, so check out my FREEBIE for more of them!

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