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What We Can Communicate With Personal Branding Visuals

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Personal Branding Visuals

Messaging I Communicate With Personal Branding Photos:

1. Age range of clientele.

2. General sense of office space.

3. Welcoming personality of business owner.

4. Special services and tools.

Last week, I had the opportunity to create some branding images for a chiropractic office. I had a blast, got some exceptional images, and helped a small business with their growth, communication, mission, and reputation. Let's take a look at some examples of images, and what we can really communicate through our visuals in branding.

1. Age range in clientele.

It's really important to give customers a sense of who exactly this small business supports. Customers are always wanting to know, "Are they like me?" You NEED to answer this as a YES!

This small business really needed to communicate that all age ranges, especially children, are welcome through her doors as patients. Customers need to see this with their eyes. Create those realistic expectations and your customers will trust you even more.

2. General sense of office space.

Chiropractic Tables, Personal Branding

In professions that might invoke a little anxiety from customers (dentists, I'm looking at you!), getting a welcoming sense of the office space is vital to creating a connection with your customers. They will instantly know your office space and trust you before they even walk in the door. Create those expectations for excellence before they come and your reputation will skyrocket!

3. Welcoming personality of business owner.

If you're a small business, don't be afraid to show your face! Human brains register faces before anything else. Establish that trust, be genuine, and show your customers that you're a real human being, just like them. Don't rely on photos of products, office space, and logos to get your emotional connection. That starts with a smile, from you. Think it's corny? It's not. Your customers value your face. Don't be self-conscious.

Also, pretend this was a dentist. Wouldn't you automatically feel a little more relaxed making that root canal appointment now that you have a face with that name and they're not scowling at you!?

Also, see how her logo and social handles snuck in there?

4. Special services and tools.

Laser at Chiropractor office, personal branding

Did you invest a heap of time or money into a special service, product, certification, tool, or other thing that sets you apart from your competition? You should be flaunting it! Let a brand photographer take those awesome shots of the cool things that you bring to the table. This is a big part of your sale. Once a customer connects with you emotionally (by seeing your face!) and trusts you (through images of your office), they'll be so excited to see that you offer just what they were talking to their friends about. What a coincidence! They'll rush to the computer or phone to book an appointment (since they already know that your customers are just their age).

Let your brand visuals work for YOU! Once you create your brand statement, you'll be ready to rock your visual game!

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