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4 Ways for Photographers to Improve Their Business in 2021

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Marketing Challenge for Photographers

Although I've never been one for resolutions, I like to think of the new year as a time for a reset on anything in my life that needs a change. I wanted to share my plan for the new year and see if any personal brand photographers wanted to join in the challenge. Let's call this the 'Grow Your Photo Brand 2021' challenge!

1. Guys. SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Do you have your web page optimized for SEO, and are you consistently tweaking it with improvements? This is a deep subject and the process is a long and slow one, but take steps in this and your Google ranking will increase and more clients will find you. (By the way, are you interested in a primer on SEO for photographers?)

2. Up Your Social Quality. I know there's a ton of social media channels out there right now and it takes a lot of work to keep current and consistent on them. Instagram, especially. I am certainly guilty myself. What I'm proposing is a refocus on quality: choose one or two platforms that your clients most live on, and focus your energy on those only. You can focus on writing quality content and creating quality imagery, engaging more, and checking in live when you're only curating one social channel 3 times a week. There are a lot of social media tools out there and some are free. If you need help or advice, let me know.

3. Give Back. Find a cause that's truly important to you, and offer your photography services. You could photograph an event, take some staff branding photos or headshots, or give a family photo package for a silent auction. I gave photo packages to the Autism Alliance of Michigan and the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan this year, and not only did I do something good, but I also contributed to my community and got my name out.

4. Put the most energy into your warm leads. Now this is marketing jargon that I'll break down for you: a 'lead' is a potential customer floating out there in the world. A 'cold lead' is a random person that has had no contact with you or your brand before. A 'warm lead' is a person who is a previous customer, a colleague, someone in your business network, a potential client who's contacted you before, or someone on your email list. Warm leads are considerably easier to attract because they're already familiar with your brand. In line with this challenge, make sure you at least have a brand statement and brand standards so you are communicating a consistent message to everyone. So send a 'thinking of you' note to previous clients. Create a bookmark and hand out at your next networking event. And for pete's sake, pick up the phone to ask about a potential client's goals for the new year (don't cold call though; it could be seen as spammy).

These tasks will take some work and forethought, but can allow you to make huge strides in the marketing health of your photography business. Nothing is ever created overnight, but take small steps now and challenge yourself to real change in 2021!

What's your biggest challenge for 2021? Let me know in the comments!


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