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Better Photography SEO Keywords in 3 Steps

Updated: May 21, 2021


Photographers regularly work in a flooded and competitive market. There are scores of new photographers constantly showing up to compete for the same clientele. They may feel dismayed when they look at their Google search results for "photographer near me" or try to compete for the "I need a photographer rec" Facebook visibility.

It's a rat race.

By finding your best SEO keywords in 3 simple steps, photographers can take actionable and strategic steps to increase their visibility and get more eyeballs on their portfolios or booking sites. In this post, I'll cover a brief introduction to SEO and keywords and introduce a 3-step pathway to finding some strategic keywords for your business.

What is a Keyword?

A keyword is firstly a tool used in SEO, or search engine optimization. It's in the Big 6 of Marketing for good reason. SEO is a powerful set of tools and strategies one can use to optimize their website or content so it's easier for Google to find and therefore show to those same eyeballs.

A keyword in SEO context refers to a one word or multiple word phrase that indicates what content is on a webpage. Once they are chosen, they are programmed in the webpages' code so that Google crawlers can identify them.

Why are Keywords Important?

SEO Keywords are super important because they help your users find your content on organic (non-ad) searches. Your keywords echo how and what people type in that search bar. No matter how much search algorithms and voice search changes over time (often), keywords remain as a standard for effective retrieval of a site from a typed or voice search.

3 Steps to Finding Better Keywords

1. Find Your Buckets. Think about generic buckets your brand would fit in a photography-related search. Come up with more than one and make sure they're distinct from each other. Some examples include: "wedding photographers Las Vegas," "photographers near me," or "off location photographers." These aren't your keywords, but they're going to inform some of them.

2. Fill Those Buckets. For each bucket, come up with different ways to say the same thing in a Google search. Aim for variety in length; get 1 word as well as 4-5 word phrases on your list.

3. Organize and Assign. Make sure that you have a system to assign unique bucket sets to each of your website's pages. And make sure that they are all accurate descriptions of the content on that page!

Tips and Reminders for SEO Keywords

  • Note that each webpage in a site should have a distinct set of keywords. If you have redundancy throughout your website, Google crawlers won't know which page is actually the best one for your keywords and it'll actually hurt your visibility. Don't confuse the crawler.

  • Having variety in your keyword lengths will ensure that you compete for the really competitive keywords "photographer," but also the searches that won't have as much competition, like "Las Vegas Outdoor Wedding Photographer." Sometimes, the people who search for those long keywords are more serious about what they want, and you'll show up higher on that list.

  • Feeling stuck? There's a way that Google can show you keyword suggestions. Sign up for my free Photographer's Keyword Tutorial to learn how now!


In closing, SEO Keywords are a powerful tool that photographers can learn and utilize when they're feeling overwhelmed by the local competition. Shoot, just use it as a tool either way. SEO doesn't have to be scary and you don't have to be an expert. Just taking the initiative to learn some basics can really give you a competitive marketing edge to those photographers who don't do this.

There are a ton of ways marketers can use SEO to increase visibility and this is just one suggestion to get you started. Once you master this 3-step action, I hope you feel confident in finding further strategic keywords for your site and increase your visibility even more!

Remember, your marketing of your photography gets you clients, not your photography alone.

Want more information on keywords and more tips and strategies? Check out my free Photographer's Keyword Tutorial to learn more and the Photog Marketing Academy for the ultimate training in marketing your photography business for success.

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