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How Your Visual Game is Critical for Your Business

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Are you finding your business, side hustle, web traffic, or marketing course hitting a plateau lately? It may be time for a second look at your visual branding game.

Why. The visual aspect of your branding extends much farther than your logo; it compasses every social media post, every image on your website, any advertisements, any print material, and anything else a customer might see of your brand. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure your visuals align with your brand and your goals. However, you can’t proceed until you understand exactly what your brand stands for and exactly who your customers are. Need help refining your brand first? Check out my tips to creating the perfect brand statement here and download my personal branding guide here.

Customers. The most important thing to remember is that you are not branding yourself for your company. You are branding yourself for your customers. We are trying to connect with them emotionally. You must try to keep your branding visuals communicating to your customers as much as you can. The longer you maintain excellent quality in your images and consistency, the better reputation your brand can achieve. This affects how everyone views your company, not just your ideal customers.

Your brand visuals need to communicate the aspects you’ve outlined in your brand statement; are you communicating your values through your color use? If you’re not sure, check out my branding guide for a quick tutorial on color psychology. Are you showing how you’re distinguishing yourself in the market? Can you show everyone how your brand/products/services are different in the best way? Can you show us YOU in your element?

Social Media. This is especially paramount in social media right now. More people look up a brand on social media before they Google it. Our brains respond faster to colors and images than to words on the screen. Sixty percent (sixty!) of the world window shops on social media (Hootsuite, 2018). This is your brand’s time to shine. It must grab attention within the first 0.01 seconds and keep attention within the first 9 seconds (Time, 2015). This isn’t going to happen if you have no game in your visual content.

As you find your path through your brand’s visuals, don’t forget to share images of yourself. Your customers will purchase from you when they feel emotionally connected to you, and what better way to do that than show them exactly who you are. Show them you have the same struggles. Show them that you understand them, that you are them. I don’t recommend selfies - no one likes to look at your blurry face, the back of your phone case, your bathroom, or the inside of your nose – but a professional series of images of you will skyrocket your fan base, and they’ll remain loyal as long as you show them you’re genuine.

If you have your finger on the pulse of your social media visuals, you’ll also notice that the style and content is similar across all channels. This doesn’t mean that the content is the same; please understand that there are different audiences, content, and goals for each social media channel. Make sure you are posting the correct content on the correct channels. If you need help discerning the differences, I can help.

None of this will come to you overnight; certainly allow yourself some room to evolve and improve over time. As your company grows and strengthens, so will your brand message. Let’s make sure your visuals match! Onward to better engagement and growth!


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