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Personal Branding and the Holidays

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Although it may not seem at first, the holidays are an ideal time to improve and promote your personal brand without being pushy. It's also a fantastic time for personal brand photographers for reach out to current clients and nurture their relationships. Here are some quick tips for working through the holidays to a bright and optimized 2020!

1. Reminders. You're going to be seeing friends and family in abundance these next few months, so why not speak up about your brand when they ask what you're up to (instead of shrugging off the question!)? When Aunt Cora inevitably asks how you're doing, you can say, "I'm great- I've been working a lot on my [porfolio/personal brand/mission statement/goals/online style] and I've never felt better. Would you like to check it out?" If you have business cards sitting at the bottom of your purse or wallet, why not get them out and spread them around?

2. New Connections. Likewise, you're probably going to find yourself at some professional parties and mixers, so why not open up about your new brand elements? "I've been working at nailing down my audience persona and refining my brand's color psychology!" If they know what those things are, they're going to respect the work you're doing for yourself. If they don't, who wouldn't ask what 'color psychology' is? It's a great time to spread awareness about personal branding!

3. Gratitude. Take the time to reach out to your clients and thank them for their hard work in both their passion projects and putting real effort into completing their Consultation Key with you earlier in the year. Send a handwritten note in the mail, along with a token, if you can. A bookmark, for example, is a really great token that's easy to design (Canva has templates!) and can actually be useful to someone, so it'll stay around instead of getting thrown in the junk mail pile. And with that staying around comes increased visibility for you because they'll be reminded of your smiling face and service/product all year long. Staying front of mind is critical to keeping repeat customers!

4. Giving. It's a great time to choose a cause that fits your brand and give. Give money, give time, give service...whichever you can afford. Your customers are real people who like to know that you are a real person, too. And knowing that you're a generous person goes even further! We like to do business with people we like. Besides all that, it's always great to pay it forward!

Truly, all these tips really boil down to sharing. Being open with your time and details about what you're doing really bring value to your personal brand, but also bring you closer with family, friends, customers, and colleagues during the holidays. Let's all come together and have a wonderful close of the year.

Happy holidays!

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