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What's up with the crazy hashtag #hangyourphotos!?

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

I believe that our photographs can be powerful tools to remember, celebrate, and enjoy the many precious memories families make together.

In understanding how precious they are, I provide services from our first advisory call to expertly framing and installing your artwork for generations to come.

I have degrees in museum collections care and exhibit design, and I did this work previously at several museums. Now I want to curate, design, and install museum-quality art in your home.

Still wondering why? Our digital modern life is often really convenient and compact, but we are at a serious risk of losing the content we love so dearly. Paper prints can be passed down the generations; think of your favorite family photos, and I guarantee most, if not all, came from a frame or scrapbook. The images on our discs and USB drives live on a perilous line that can be corrupted at any point. Further, these images can often be forgotten in a drawer, losing whatever value they had in the first place.

Likewise, technology, as you know, is always rapidly changing. How many computers today have a CD drive? How many in the future will have USB drives? If you don't have access to a working source, these images will be lost to obsolescence by a force out of your control.

Don't let your photographs sit in a drawer. Let them live as the art they are.

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