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How to Find Your Authenticity

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

How to find your authenticity

One of the most overlooked indicators of success in a brand is authenticity. It's knowing who you are and how to communicate that to your customers and followers.

This authenticity is another big factor in creating trust from your clients, which in turn, will add up to more sales, more followers, and more loyalty.

As photographers, we often struggle right out of the gate with finding our own style and staying consistent to that. We ideally want all of our photos (at least in our portfolio/website) to look like they were taken from the same person. We want our customers to have realistic expectations on what they'll receive and be delighted with it at the same time. Although I would mark this more under brand standards (the settings, color, style, trademark poses/locations), the part that is YOU is related to authenticity.

Because customers don't hire photographs. They hire you. They hire you for the experience- your process, how you make them feel, how confident you make them when you stick a camera in their face, etc.

In addition, all the written communication, social media, and networking you do is really reliant on you knowing who you are. And this is great!

For a fun exercise, let's run through the following questions, and add this content to your branding template or personal brand statement!

1. Why do you love [insert work here]?

2. What's your favorite kind of movie?

3. What's your favorite way to say "good?" ("Awesome," etc.)

4. What is your favorite hobby? (yes, one that you don't get paid to do!)

5. What would you call your style of clothing?

6. What's your favorite kind of music?

Although these questions may seem irrelevant to business, they actually hone right in on who you are. Make sure you are communicating all of this! Your customer is hiring you for you.

Don't you feel more comfortable when you're doing business with a friend? Make sure your customers see the real you, and you'll get more trust, more loyalty, and more business. You never have to worry about being phony. And your brand will be more consistent without any extra effort from you.

Be the best of you and success will follow.

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