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Award for Favorite Family Photographer!

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

Favorite Family Photographer Award

This spring, I was totally surprised to learn that Golden Wolf was nominated for Favorite Family Photographer. I was excited, but not nearly as excited as I am today to announce that I won!

Although I've been working professional photography since 2011, Golden Wolf is still my baby of not quite a year old, so this award is a major accomplishment.

That being said, I could not have won this without the support of my awesome clients, their adorable photogenic children, my friends, and my family who lift me up when times are tough around here.

What more do I plan for family photography?

1. Let's do some mini sessions! Let me know where you'd love to shoot. Is there a location you'd like me to rent out?

2. More kids! More families!

3. I'm working on getting back on social media more and sharing all the wonderful faces that grace my little red Nikon.

Thank you again, everyone! Onward and upwards! I am honored.

You can view the results of Ann Arbor Family's Favorites list here: https://annarborfamily.com/family-favorites/2019-family-favorites-shop-local/

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