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5 Benefits Of Brand Standards That May Change Your Perspective.

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Benefits of Brand Standards

Brand standards are the key to your brand's kingdom.

Once you have this set of keys made, you can now create anything for your company and it will all look and feel the same. This is a big piece of the personal branding puzzle and will improve the health of your brand in several ways.

What are brand standards? Simply put, they are set in stone guidelines that indicate exactly how your brand should be communicated. Every. Time. It is important that every person on your team has a handy copy of your brand standards and understands how and when to use them. Not only do they communicate to your customers, affiliates, and partners, they also communicate your vision for your company to your coworkers.

Brand standards most commonly include sections on tone, personality, colors, logo(s), document formatting, fonts, and terminology. It's created so everyone can create content with the same look and feel. You do so much work getting your brand to work for you, so let's make sure to use it!

Brand standards are awesome because:

1. They take away any ambiguity. Have a question about the design of your marketing collateral? Nope! Having a brand standard guide will take away all questions. You never have to debate fonts or colors again. Take a look at some awesome examples of brand style guides and you'll see what I mean. They can be very specific.

2. Your style stays consistent. Consistency = trust. Trust = customers. When your brand standards are followed 100% of the time, your brand will become cohesive and your customers will really understand who and what you are. When they do, they'll come for more because they know what to expect. When your branding is on point, this creates oodles of trust from your followers and they'll likely stay loyal and become converting customers for you.

3. Your reputation will soar. I say this over and over about personal branding, but it bears repeating: personal branding will improve your reputation. When you show that you know who you are through your consistent brand, you communicate that you're an industry leader. Your brand's value increases and the trust of your customers increase...all in that beautiful circle.

4. You kill it with efficiency. Are you a solopreneur? Once you spend the time to create a brand style guide, you have no idea how much time you'll save creating your marketing collateral! Use that time doing something else that plays to your mission, or go get a cup of tea and recenter.

5. Mad buy-in from your internal team. Brand style isn't just beneficial for your customers, but when you create this style that becomes your culture, your own employees are affected in the same way. Create some branded swag and let them know that they're appreciated, and your brand's reputation and trust will increase exponentially. And bonus, when your employees know they're appreciated and trust you, they'll give you loyalty in return.

There's a myriad of practical ways you can use brand standards to work for your brand, but it all starts with the brand style guide.

I'm always here if you have questions! Now go get that brand standardized!

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