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Step 5: When You're Not Sure if You're Speaking the Same Language

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Personal Branding Alignment with Client

Step 5 ensures that you are speaking the same language as your client.

If you've been following and utilizing my 9 Step Plan for Personal Brand Photography Consultation, you'll have covered a lot of ground with your client to get to Step 5.

Alignment is the process of rehashing and reviewing everything you've covered to this point. Make sure your client is happy, understands everything, and doesn't have any questions. Make sure that you are on the same page regarding:

1. Their brand identity and details

2. Their goals for personal brand photography usage

Although this step is short and sweet, it can also be tremendously valuable. You need to guarantee, 110%, that your client isn't totally confused or that you've gotten things totally wrong to this point.

Make sure you have an excited client who is engaged with this process rather than a confused client who is just nodding their head at you and Chandler smiling.

Because Step 6 is where you'll both be putting in the heavy hitting work. Without being on the same page, this work will become one-sided and invariably inaccurate.

You can't plan a photo shoot that deviates from your client's goals because they will be so disappointed when they open their brand new images.

When they're disappointed, your chances at getting that contract renewal disappear immediately.

Bye bye income, bye bye stability, bye bye good reviews.

Isn't it better to take the time to follow through with Step 5?

It's maybe not so trivial after all.

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