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Personal Brand Photography Training Using Real Marketing Strategy.

Welcome, Photographers!

I'm a brand anthropologist, photographer, and marketing manager based in Michigan. 

I create training for photographers to learn the basics of branding strategy so they can serve their clients with excellence and strategy.

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Are you overwhelmed by the “BE A BOUTIQUE! SELL WALL ART! FIND A NOVELTY! JUST ATTRACT BETTER CLIENTS!” courses, emails, ads, imagery, and testimonials out there?

Or have you dipped your feet into brand photography but sat across from your client, asked them about their brand or what they'd like to see, and heard "I don't know," or heard crickets? 

You do not need to jump through hoops, but you cannot 'wing' your way through personal branding because your client will not return when their images aren't designed with the basics of marketing strategy.

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The 9 Steps
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I’m here to guide the independent-minded, no-nonsense photographer and bring you through the door to personal brand photography at your own pace. Learn about personal branding and the marketing mojo you need to know, set up a successful shoot, and thrive again.

You don’t ever need to worry about your client being disappointed because you don’t quite understand branding or what exactly you’re supposed to be shooting. The personal branding consultation doesn't have to be that hard.

My 9 Steps to Personal Brand Photography Planning have helped hundreds of personal brand photographers nail their brand strategy for their clients to outclass their competitors and learn it all on their own terms. 


Welcome home!


I'm here for personal brand consultation help and photographer training. You don't have to 'wing it' anymore! 

Personal branding consultations are your main tool in gathering all the details you'll need to successfully set up a strategic personal branding shoot for your clients. By following the 9 Steps in the Consultation Key, you can be sure that you're gathering every detail, using the best marketing strategy, and setting up your shoot with nothing left behind.  You can be sure that your image content will align with your client's goals and messaging, and your client will experience the benefits immediately. 

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