Shell photographed by Melissa, Field Museum of Natural History.

Melissa is a museum trained photographer and Brand Anthropologist for Golden Wolf and Flint Avenue Marketing.  She has both the marketing expertise and technical skills to help you reach your branding goals and create precious family heirlooms.

She has a Masters degree in Anthropology and Museum Studies (exhibit design and collections care). Anthropologists are coveted in the marketing industry right now for their unique insights into human behavior. Melissa has the ideal qualifications to help you understand your customers.


Melissa was Museum Curator at Mitchell Museum of the American Indian (Evanston, IL), Collections Photographer at the Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago, IL), and worked in collections and exhibits care at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County. She is museum trained in photography and image care, and has technical skills above and beyond your general photographer.

Melissa is on staff with Flint Avenue Marketing, where she helps small businesses with all of their marketing needs, including brand marketing, brochures, commercials, project management, creative content, social media, and logos. She approaches branding success from every angle. Can your photographer do this?

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